Your eyes are very complicated; more complicated than most people think. Therefore a full eye exam requires that a trained medical professional not only evaluate how clear your vision is (with or without glasses), but also determine how healthy the different parts of your eye are. During a comprehensive eye exam, your team of eye care providers will perform your exam in several parts.

  • Plan to be in our office for approximately 1½ to 2 hours for a complete exam.
  • If you need any contact lens services, please tell the receptionist when you call for your appointment so you will be scheduled appropriately.
  • Please bring your glasses, contact lenses, contact lens information (brand, power and base curve) and a list of medications to your appointment.

To save time on your first visit, please print out the necessary forms needed for your first exam such as the detailed health history and information forms. Please fill these out and bring them with you to your appointment.