Laser Eye Treatment

YAG laser: After cataract surgery the capsule of the lens sometimes becomes cloudy (posterior capsule opacification or sometimes called “secondary cataract”). The YAG laser can open up this cloudy membrane and restore clear vision.

Argon Laser: The Argon Laser eye treatment seals blood vessels in the retina that are bleeding or leaking fluids usually caused by diabetic retinopathy or some types of macular degeneration or retinal vein occlusions. This laser can also be used to bond the retina to the back of the eye in instances of retinal tears or holes.

SLT laser (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty): SLT is an advanced type of laser treatment to manage patients with open angle glaucoma. This laser eye treatment selectively stimulates or changes only specific pigmented cells to activate increased fluid drainage and may reduce the need for lifelong use of eye drops and other medications.

PDT Laser: This laser can be used to treat macular degeneration, vascular lesions of the eye and some tumors.