Strabismus and Amblyopia Treatment

Strabismus treatment corrects is a misalignment of the eyes, such as a crossing in, or drifting out, of one or both eyes. Strabismus can affect patients of any age and can hinder visual development, cause double vision, or affect self-esteem. Depending on the cause and type of strabismus, correcting the misalignment can be achieved through prescription glasses, prisms, eye motility exercises, or surgery.

If left untreated, strabismus in children can lead to amblyopia, or “lazy eye”. Amblyopia treatment corrects when one eye sees a blurred image which the brain shuts off, or suppresses. The development of the affected eye can be impaired and vision can be permanently reduced. When caught early, amblyopia treatment often referred to as lazy eye treatment can be successful in restoring functional vision to the amblyopic eye. We have a pediatric ophthalmologist who treats these conditions and provides surgical treatment options as well.