Types of Glasses & Exams

Look your best! The certified opticians at Geneva Eye Clinic provide the most accurate and well-suited options based on your prescription. We offer many contact lenses and frames to fit all ages, from children to adults. Our caring team will help you choose the right vision solution to complement your lifestyle.

If you have any questions, please contact our optical department directly at 630-232-1282, option #4.

We offer many eyewear options

  • Daily Corrective Vision
  • Reading
  • Work Environment/Safety
  • Sunglasses
  • Designer
  • Children’s
  • Special Needs
  • Budget-Friendly
  • All our frames come with a one-year warranty

We use the highest quality and up-to-date technology from Hoya and Varilux for our prescription lenses. They are digitally enhanced, including single vision and progressives.

  • Transitions Lenses
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Premium lenses come with a scratch-resistant coating that offers a one-year warranty

Types of Glasses

Designer Frames

Designer Frames

We offer a large selection of designer frames and high-quality brands for men, women, and children, including:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Maui Jim
  • Coach
  • Kate Spade
  • Nike
  • Ray-Ban
  • Silhouette
Children’s Glasses

Children’s Glasses

We offer glasses, specifically made for kids, from babies until they are adults for school, play and sports.

Miraflex Glasses

  • Fashionable, durable Italian-made glasses are BPA-free, rubber-free, latex-free & hypoallergenic
  • Each frame is manufactured out of a single piece of malleable material with non-metal components to reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma during activity
  • The unique, lightweight, and flexible material is designed to fit each child’s face comfortably
  • An adjustable elastic band helps to keeps the frame snug and centered on your child’s face
  • Miraflex glasses comes in 6 models with 15 sizes and 32 colors! Color-coordinated cases are included
  • The lenses come with a one-year warranty for peace of mind

Tomato Glasses

  • Award-winning fashionable, durable, Korean made glasses feature non-toxic FDA approved lightweight materials and replaceable parts
  • Frames are flexible and display excellent elasticity, so they don’t break easily
  • Bridge matches the curve of the nose, while the temples and nose-pads are adjustable for a custom fit
  • A standard head strap prevents slipping even with high powered lenses and is made for active kids
  • Tomato glasses comes in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to appeal to kids of all ages
Special Needs Glasses

Special Needs Glasses

We offer Specs 4Us glasses for children and adults with Down syndrome! Individuals with Down syndrome have easily recognizable facial features, including tiny noses, shortened depth from the eye socket to the ear, and especially close-set eyes with broad faces. As a result, other glasses might constantly slide down, fall forward, and bow out at the temples.

  • Specs 4Us frames are explicitly designed to fit children and adults with Down syndrome and other special needs
  • The frames accommodate unique facial features. The bridge is adjusted to fit the nose, and temples are modified to keep the glasses from slipping
  • These glasses also come with a one-year warranty
  • Visit the Specs 4Us website to learn more

Discount Eyewear

Our discount packages include a quality frame, impact, and scratch-resistant lenses.

  • The lens styles vary from single vision to flat-top bifocals and progressive lenses
  • Upgrades include anti-reflective coatings and transitional lenses
  • Discount Packages even include a one-time, one-year replacement policy for the frame and lenses

Types of Exams

Eyeglasses Exams

Before being assessed for glasses, you will need to have a comprehensive eye examination to ensure that your eyes are healthy. Careful measurements, along with refraction, assist the doctor in deciding your prescription. Please bring glasses, reading glasses, or contacts to your appointment if you currently wear them.

Low Vision Exams

During a low vision evaluation, a patient is assessed for aids to enhance remaining vision after a loss due to such conditions as macular degeneration, glaucoma, or other ocular diseases. When conventional glasses do not meet the patient’s visual needs, various optical and non-optical devices are assessed, ranging from simple optical magnifiers to telescopic glasses or electronic magnifiers. Even though low vision aids do not replace lost vision, they can improve independence and your quality of life. It is essential for patients coming in for a low vision exam to bring all their glasses and vision devices.

Contact Lens Exams

Before being fit with contact lenses, you will need to have a comprehensive eye examination to ensure that your eyes are healthy. Careful measurements assist the doctor in deciding which lenses may be right for you. If you wear contacts lenses, please wear them to your appointment, bring your glasses and any information about your contacts such as the prescription or boxes.

Contact Lens Fitting Exam

Contact Lens Fitting Exam is for the first-time contact lens wearer. This exam will take more time due to instruction and training on insertion and removal of the lenses and reviewing lens care systems.

Contact Lens Refit Exam

Contact Lens Refit Exam is for current contact lens wearers that may want or need another type of contact lens. Several lenses may be fit at this exam, and training is rarely required. Specialty contact lenses for astigmatism and keratoconus are available, along with multifocal contact lenses. We have a large inventory of diagnostic lenses (soft and gas permeable) used to aid and accelerate the fitting process.

Insurance & Payment

Accepted Vision Plans

Our optical shop accepts VSP®

Please note that we do not accept EyeMed vision insurance

Additional Payments

Insurance co-pays are due at the time services are rendered

Geneva Eye Clinic accepts checks, cash or Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover

Self-pay patients are responsible for payment at the time of service